Radio Rivendell Compilation Volume 2 - The Book of war

by V/A

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The collaboration with Radio Rivendell expands even more with this stunning release of epic fantasy music. All but 2 tracks are previously unreleased and written and performed specific for this project. Fans of neoclassical, dark ambient, orchestral, video game, medieval, fantasy music will enjoy this compilation a lot! Released 2008.


Chapter One – Captain Angus
1 - Sully Koba – Captain Angus
2 - Dråm – Leaving Home
3 - Erdenstern – The Reiters
4 - Lost Kingdom – The Bridge over Gruhdok
5 - Markus Holler – The Great March
6 - Dimitrij Volstoj – Attack in the Night

Chapter Two - Vojvod Szadrin
7 - Za Frûmi – Vojvod Szadrin
8 - Peter Swach – The Siege of Ahrem
9 - Gargrim the Liar – No Way Out
10 - Encryption – Under a Crescent Moon
11 - Sibelian – Conjuring the Demons

Chapter Three – The Battle of Ahrem
12 - A Journey of the Mind – The Dawn of Fate
13 - Sean Beeson – The Eve of Battle
14 - Unto Ashes – Never Surrender
15 - Anabasis – Hold the Line
16 - Zmei Gorinich – Eternal Glory
17 - Ataraxia – Migratio Animae

Below you can read more about each artist/project: (In alphabetic order)

A Journey of the Mind

Björn Malmros (Sweden) is the man behind ”A journey of the mind”. Björn’s project is very fresh and he is really a raw talent in creating fantasy inspired music. This compilation is “A journey in the mind’s first official participation on a record but hardly the last! The name of Björn’s project could really be said about the whole compilation. A true journey into the realms of imagination. Björn is inspired by ancient folk lore and roleplaying games.


This is a new project by the experienced multi-talent Swedish artist Henrik Summanen. With a background in archaeology and working in the Stockholm Medieval Museum with sound and film production in the exhibitions, Henrik constantly find himself close to a period most of us in some way or the other are inspired of. Henrik also have a background in classical music and wrote pieces of orchestras already as a teen. He did not find the electronic instruments good enough until recently which is the reason he have not ventured into neo-classic music earlier. Instead he have been working with dark ambient and other styles. Anabasis is gunning for the film industry and gaming industry and his music for sure could fit in both! Henrik has a broad taste in music. He plays the lute, the piano and the guitar, and realize his compositions at home and at the Stockholm institute for electro acoustic music (EMS). Henrik is one of those up and coming artists we like to promote with these compilation. We see great talent in this project!


This well known Italian band has released no less than 19 CDs and been on 75 compilations since the early 90s. Six of the CD releases on Cold meat industry, one very neat release by Equilibrium Music and lately Ataraxia has released and been signed by Italian label Ark Records. Of course also a number of other labels. The band members are: Francesca Nicoli, Vittorio Vandelli, Giovanni Pagliari and Riccardo Spaggiari. Deeply influenced by geographical and spiritual voyages in places still owning the nobleness of centuries the band explores both the Mediterranean and Celtic cultures. They We define themselves as 'craftsmen of the sound' because they create an unusual mix of sacred and profane, atmospheric and experimental, contemporary and early music. Ataraxia has made numerous live performances all over the world.


Erik Ask-Upmark and Anna Rynefors both have the title of “Riksspeleman” ("Official Master Musicians of the Realm", the finest honor bestowed upon a performer of traditional music in Sweden). With that said it reveal the nature of the duos project called “Dråm” being Nordic folk music. Since the beginning, Dråm has gained international reputation as guardians and reenters of the rich treasure trove of Swedish traditional music. The musicians Erik Ask-Upmark and Anna Rynefors are both "riksspeleman" ("Official Master Musicians of the Realm", the finest honor bestowed upon a performer of traditional music in Sweden). Dråm conjures forth sounds drawing upon both medieval and contemporary roots, aiming to innovate as well as pass along an ancient tradition. Dråm´s debut full length album is simply called “Dråm” and was released 2005 (Nordic tradition). Besides performances in Sweden the band has made several tours in USA and Germany. Both Erik and Anna are also members in “Svanevit” and “Falsobordone”.

Dimitrij Volstoj

Dimitrij is a Russian director, conductor and composer of music. He is also known for his work arranging choirs. Dimitrij has conducted orchestras in France, Italy, Norway, Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic, Russia, Lithuania, Mexico, the United States and Canada. He has worked with several film projects under different names. Dimitrij is currently living in Canada (Saskatchewan). Dimitrij fled Russia in the early 80s and still have some legal issues with his birth town which make him use different artistic names. Even the name Dimitrij Volstoj is not his real name. His track on the compilation was performed with the help of a local orchestra in Saskatchewan under the lead of Hans Kaltenbrunner.


This Belgium based band with (ties and origin in the world of black metal) members LacrimaS, Lady Clarisse and Lady Satine has released two atmospheric albums on Waerloga Records. The music could be described as dark ambient with female vocals. Lately the band has chosen to go more into neo-classical music. A natural and very good choice by the band. Encryption has played several live performances and also released a DVD with both live material and music videos. This talented group is right now evolving a lot and we eagerly await the third release in their fascinating story about witches and vampires in the late middle age. The installation on this compilation will be a first hint on how the band sounds right now.


Andreas Petersen, Eva-Maria Irek and Per Dittmann are the Germans behind the band name Erdenstern. They compose and produce soundtracks for roleplaying games. So far they have four releases behind them: "Into The Green", released 2005, "Into The Red”, "Into The Blue", released 2006 and “Into the Dark”, released 2007. Erdenstern´s music resembles film scores when it comes to being an emotional, musical backdrop for different situations. Erdenstern have a lot planned for their "Library of fantastic music" - the adventure continues. The song they create for the compilation is pieced together from material used and not used on “Into the red” and of course new touches. 2006 Erdenstern won the “Best fantasy composer” award and award for Best song from a fantasy game/album (the title song from the album “Into the red”).

Gargrim the Liar

Lord Elrond (Anders Dahlgren) is the man behind “Gargrim the Liar” and the radio station known as Radio Rivendell. Before he had this project he made songs under the name “Cryo”. Anders love of fantasy music and fantasy in general is ever present in his musical endeavor. This is something that was said about Gargrim the Liar´s track on the first compilation: “The Pavillion: An interesting slow track that builds nicely” – Ray Thompson (SCi-fi Online) “There are some nice slower, atmospheric pieces, like the contributions by Gargrim the liar ´Pavilion`“ – Irma (Sprit of metal) “Gargrim the liar is the project of Andres aka Elrond. The track "The Pavilion" is one of the best on the compilation! It has a slow and searching beginning but after a while it is pure magic. Very atmospheric, beautiful and haunting.” – Ivan Racheck (Cain D.L.K)

Lost Kingdom

This Swedish duo consists of brothers Mikael & Daniel Tjernberg. The music they compose is avant-garde neo-classical music. Leaning toward Strauss but also Schumann, Chopin, Liszt, Wagner, Verdi, Brahms, Dvorák, Tjajkovskij and Mahler. But it is not only classical music in the romantic stile. It’s also hints of modernism like the masters Stravinsky, Francis Poulenc and Arthur Honegger. Lost Kingdom was formed a couple of years ago. The two brothers found out that they had material they didn't thought would fit their main symphonic metal band, so they started to record it in 'Goatman Studios'. The song on this compilation will also later on appear on the debut full length which will be released on Waerloga Records early 2008. The response they got from their song used on the first Radio Rivendell compilation propelled them another level and soon also a contract with Waerloga. As fans have begun to gather around this act the work on the debut album has been one hell of a journey in the field of perfectionism.

Markus Holler

Markus Holler from Germany has been working as a freelance composer for several years now. His work includes soundtracks for many computer games such as "Cold Zero", "Hotel Gigant" and the upcoming games "The Guild 2" and "S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Shadow of Chernobyl". A medley of this soundtrack has been played at the Games Convention Opening Concert 2004, performed by the Philharmonic Orchestra of Prague. He has also contributed to the famous Merregnon-project, where he worked together with the Prague Symphony Orchestra - one of his tracks had been played at the opening concert of the Games Convention 2003 in Leipzig, which was the first European symphonic game music concert ever. Markus had a song on the first “Radio Rivendell compilation” and got good reviews about his song.

Peter Szwach

This Polish educated composer often collaborates with a small orchestra under the lead of Wojciech Fedunik, a choir and a group of people playing ethnic instruments. We don´t know much about Peter except that he is very talented. His music is film music and suitable for video games and RPG. Of course also for a compilation like this one.

Sean Beeson

Sean is currently living in Columbus Ohio, USA. This is an emerging young composer in the videogame industry, His most recent credits include, a "Hairspray (2007)" Trailer", "The Operational Art of War III", "Brain Brain", and Mainland Gaming's "Mojave's Edge ". He has also done music to “The operational art of war III”, animated short “Emelia”, two full-length Norwegian. A total of 19 games have music composed by Sean. He has also worked with the Czech-based Capellen Chamber Orchestra. Sean participated on the first “Radio Rivendell compilation” and we are glad to have him back yet another time. Represented by Bob Rice of FBI (Four Bars Intertainment is the world´s largest provider of music for games).


Sibelian is a project based in Sweden and centered around singer/producer Stephen John Svanholm. In the late 80s and early 90s Stephen played lead guitar in a British funk metal band called Ignorance, releasing two CDs and touring extensively. After this he went on to study classical music at University and then specialize in opera singing at Music College in England. Stephen has spent time in both India and Nepal and is inspired by the search for a universal music form, free from cultural and geographical boundaries. His music features operatic vocals, ambient and classical instrumentation, and even Tibetan chanting. Sibelian have one full length album available titled "The Soul Rush", and the epic song "The Sin Eater" appeared on the Cold Meat Industry sampler compilation "Flowers Made of Snow" which was released in October 2004. He also appeared on the first “Radio Rivendell compilation” with a track many reviewers liked very much. Right now Sibelian is a project constantly experimenting with diverse soundscapes, doing everything from metal mixes, dark ambient, pop and fantasy music.

Sully Koba

The Switzerland based Sully Koba is a soundtrack composer educated at the University of Bergamo. He has done music for several short films and documentaries. We wanted Sully on this compilation as his music is close (in spirit) to composer Danny Elfman. But he also draws inspiration from Morricone, Dead can Dance and Howard Shore. Sully Koba is one of the talented new artists that we like to promote on these compilations.

Unto Ashes

Unto Ashes was founded in New York City by Michael Laird in 1997. Subsequently Unto Ashes have become a rather well known neo-medieval / darkwave band in the U.S. and in Europe, with six full-length albums on Projekt Records. Unto Ashes utilize acoustic and synthetic instruments to produce a foreboding gloom-scape. Unto Ashes do in fact perform authentic medieval music as well, but generally do so in their own way. Unto Ashes seems to be evolving all the time, and no two Unto Ashes albums sound alike; in fact, a single album might a wide range of songs, including apocalyptic folk, neo-classical, medieval, and dark ambient. For "The Book of War" Unto Ashes prepared a highly cinematic piece entitled "Never Surrender" which is unreleased and is exclusive to the compilation.

Za Frûmi

This Swedish duo has released four albums on Waerloga Records and been heard on numerous compilation. Both Simon Kölle and Simon Heath have known solo projects such as Atrium Carceri (Cold Meat Industry) and Musterion (Horus CyclicDaemon) but also another project together called Abnocto. Za Frûmi is melodic mood music from a dark fantasy setting with two branches (series). One (the Za Frûmi saga) centered around a wayward group of orcs, and their adventures in deep forests and mysterious castles. Deep flutes, rhythmic drums and atmospheric ambience combine to grant enthusiasts everywhere a unique experience. The other (Za Frûmi Legends) which is very film-like instrumental dark fantasy music. 2007 the Za Frûmi song “Interludium I” was interpreted by the 110 musician strong Swedish radio orchestra. One of the best orchestras in the world! The orchestra performed the song live on Swedish national TV. Za Frûmi is a success story and famous to be unique in many ways. Most of all maybe for their “Za Frûmi saga”. Composer Ennio Morricone have listened to the music on “Legends act 2” and really liked what he heard. It should be said though that Za Frûmi divide people as some don´t appreciate their orcish dialogue (in the saga) and others think it´s brilliant! Za Frûmi was to begin with the reason why Waerloga Records started and both Simon Kölle and Simon Heath help out in the creation of this compilation. Simon Kölle helping out finding/listening and coordinating and Simon Heath is the one to master the whole compilation.

Zmei Gorinich

This is a Russian act with the name taken from a traditional fairy tale character - dragon, breathing with fire. Music composing started in the summer of 2004 and back then Zmei Gorinich was untitled and consisted of two people. Then due to circumstances in winter/spring of 2005 one of the two members left the band. In spring of 2005 Zmei Gorinich was started as a one-man (female) band to bring fairy tale fantasies into the world with the help of music. Zmei Gorinich is all about epic music; call it soundtrack, atmospheric or RPG video game music if you want. We call it fantasy music! Zmei Gorinich is right now unsigned and with no release. Probably will that be changed in the near future as there is great talent be found here.


released January 1, 2008


all rights reserved



Waerloga Records Sweden

Waerloga Records is a label/ mailorder/ distributor focusing on Cinematic music and most of all inspired in some way with Dark Fantasy, history or Sci-fi. Created in 2001 the label was first focused on Za Frûmi alone. That later on evolved and today Waerloga Records have released almost 50 bands.

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